‘Hell is going to be absolutely packed!’: Chris Brown Reveals Diddy & Co. MOST DISTURBING Side Off-Camera

‘Hell is going to be absolutely packed!’: Chris Brown Reveals Diddy & Co. MOST DISTURBING Side Off-Camera

Chris Brown has made some SHOCKING revelations about the music industry and just what Diddy has been up to over the last couple of decades. We know that the man has a very questionable reputation, but this is crazy even by his standards because Chris has said Diddy and the music industry has been straight forcing artists to become GAY, and people have gone on and confirmed the rumors!


Chris Brown Reveals Diddy Refused To Sign Him To Bad Boy

On the heels of Chris Brown releasing his long-awaited new album, Breezy, the Virginia-bred crooner joined the men of Drink Champs to not only divulge about his upcoming LP, but to also share some secrets about his upbringing within the industry.

The “Iffy” singer revealed that he nearly became a Bad Boy recording artist, but Diddy turned him down. “Imma keep it 100. So I was like 12, at this time. This was before I linked to Def Jam. It was me and one of my production managers’ son named TJ; he’s my brother to this day. Me and him were like a group,” Brown explained.

When he added that the group was nameless, Drink Champs host N.O.R.E. teased, “This is why he didn’t sign y’all.”

Though omitting any further specific details, N.O.R.E. added, “If you danced, he definitely would’ve signed you.”

Brown did express, “It’s love now. That’s family, that’s my brother now.”

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In a separate appearance, Brown shared his beliefs that R&B has become “obsolete,” in light of hip-hop’s ubiquity—a controversial hot take and rampant debate.

“It’s obsolete in the fact of it being primary, meaning like, you used to listen to the radio and they had an R&B day,” he shared with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on their Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. “Not to take anything away, Hip-Hop has just been dominating sh*t. A ni**a can’t hate on Hip-Hop. I’m a part of it so I love it. Let all the Hip-Hop be heard, but I feel like—not to sound lame when I say this—it’s really no more artistry left in that type of showmanship lane. A lot of the R&B people have to go introverted or look like they’re emo, and if they’re not that, people will give them the neo-soul type of genre. I don’t feel that’s right. But I feel like there’s a scarcity of confident males that can sing.”

It’s unclear if he’ll dive deeper into that topic on Drink Champs, but check out the full teaser below. His full episode will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday (June 24).


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