Vybz Kartel’s Right Hand Shawn Storm Calls Buju Banton A ‘Big Cokehead’

Vybz Kartel’s Right Hand Shawn Storm Calls Buju Banton A ‘Big Cokehead’

Vybz Kartel’s right hand man Shawn Stormdidn’t mince his words when going after Buju Banton over an old video.

If you’ve been following dancehall over the years, then you would know that Vybz Karteland Buju Banton had a love-hate relationship that dated as far back as the early 2000s when the two had a running on stage resulting in Bounty Killer, who was Kartel’s mentor at the time, having to step in.

Shawn Storm has since rehashed the longstanding beef with the two dancehall legends, and it’s clear which side he is on. The incarcerated deejay posted the two decades old clip on his Instagram account yesterday and fired off at Buju Banton in the caption, calling him a drug addict.

“Big cokehead buju a tru mi just see this, p*sy gargamel dem time di Gaza neva form yet and mi a likkle ute dem time yah why yuh neva see mi run on n step ina yuh face fi dat enu badmind bwoy buju coketan,” Storm wrote. “[Bounty Killer] badman yuh shuda grab di fyahphone back out a di cokehead hand n mek him guh snort supn! Smh bex yf enu ute kmt…. Yo mi nuh rate dah p*sy gargamel deh again after mi see this.”

It’s quite clear that the clip angered Shawn Storm after only just learning about the incident where Buju Banton grabbed a microphone from Vybz Kartel, who was a young artist at the time. Bounty Killer, who was also on stage, saw what was happening and took the microphone to confront Banton.

“Gargamel no disrespect but yo cyan disrespect the young artists them like that in a the eyes of the public, yo have fi set example,” Killer said.

Vybz Kartel previously shared in a previous interview that he has always been a huge fan of Buju Banton. In fact, his first stage name was Addi Banton in the early 1990s, which he derived from Buju’s stage name. In 2020, speaking with Vibe, Kartel admitted that Buju and Ninjamanwere two of his biggest influences in music.

“When I heard Buju Banton I was captured instantly,” Kartel shared as he recalled gravitating to Buju’s music as a youngster in high school attending Calabar High. “I remember I left school and went straight to Chancery Lane and bought ‘Stamina Daddy.’ I even tried to call the 9277039 # even though he SPECIFICALLY said ‘girls here is my line’.”

Over the years, both Kartel and Buju took jabs at each other, and now Shawn Storm added his voice to the mix. One of his fans told him that he was being disrespectful to his elders in dancehall, and he quickly shut down that statement stating that he was defending the man who gave him a career.



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