Tyler Perry shuts down rumors that actor Cassi Davis has died


Cassi Davis, the acclaimed actor known for her roles in “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and its spinoff, “The Paynes,” is very much alive and well, as confirmed by Tyler Perry himself.

The rumor of her passing at the age of 58 due to lung cancer was categorically debunked by Perry in an Instagram post on February 20, where he shared a headline announcing her supposed demise with the words “This is a lie” emblazoned over it.

Perry expressed his frustration over the false report, highlighting the pain it caused to both Davis and her millions of fans.

He stated that he had received condolences from numerous well-wishers, but upon speaking to Davis, she assured him that she was very much alive.

The actor Palmer Williams Jr., who also starred in “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” further refuted the reports of Davis’ death in an Instagram post, emphasizing that she is indeed alive and well.

Cassi Davis has been an integral part of Tyler Perry’s projects, most notably portraying Ella and Aunt Bam in several “Madea”

productions. She continues to thrive and is eagerly awaiting her next season of “House of Payne.”



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