Surprise! Gabourey Sidibe Reveals She’s Been Secretly Married To Brandon Frankel For A Year


Actress Gabourey Sidibe revealed during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan that she secretly married Brandon Frankel over a year ago. Gabourey detailed their engagement story, which took place in November 2020 after they met on a dating app. She then surprised the hosts and the audience by announcing their marriage.

“We got married over a year ago,” she disclosed, with Brandon Frankel confirming the news by displaying his silver wedding band. They had an intimate wedding at their kitchen table, and Gabourey explained that they plan to have a larger ceremony in the future because her mother-in-law desires a wedding. Gabourey also shared that she doesn’t particularly enjoy weddings due to her mother’s involvement as a wedding singer when she was growing up, which led to her attending many weddings uninvited.

Brandon Frankel took to Instagram to celebrate the public reveal and clarify that their wedding took place in March 2021. He expressed his relief at being able to share the news and expressed his love and gratitude for Gabourey. Gabourey commented on the post, noting that he could finally wear his ring.

Gabourey Sidibe had announced their engagement in November 2020, emphasizing the deep connection they shared. She described Brandon as the funniest and sweetest person she’d ever met and expressed her excitement about their future together. Gabourey referred to him as her partner, best friend, and the love of her life in her heartfelt announcement.


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