Spice Jokes About Baby Daddy’s Identity, Fans Bombard Justin Budd With Comments


Spice is joking about who is her baby daddy with Khaotic saying the baby is his, while her fans flooded Justin Budd’s Instagram page with comments.

Spice’s past stunts have left fans in a confused frenzy. Sometime in early November of 2022, news reports claimed that the “Sheets” artist was reportedly in a coma and nearly died after allegedly undergoing a round two BBL surgery in the Dominican Republic. Spice’s team and even the artist did not acknowledge the reports, and she did not outrightly deny it either, only telling fans she experienced complications from a hernia surgery.

More than four months later, the artist shocked fans when she popped out in blue with a baby carriage and a visibly pregnant belly. Fans online do not know what to believe because Spice is a master at creating controversy especially given her “Black Hypocrisy” stunt where she appeared to bleach her skin.

While many have questioned whether the artist is even pregnant, R&B/Soul artist, Khaotic is offering to the public that he fathers Spice’s baby.

In an interview on Baller Alert on Tuesday, Khaotic and Spice, who called into the show, tried to convince fans she is pregnant and that Khaotic is the father.

Khaotic shared a screenshot of a message from the Jamaican deejay that reads, “Hey bro, you got me pregnant.” Khaotic, when questioned about her calling him “bro” versus “bae,” says, “We like to keep people out of our business. Like you know how some girls got daddy issues, Spice got bro issues,” he says.

Spice also calls into the show right as he’s speaking, and she says, “you know it’s your baby.” The Queen of Dancehall can be heard laughing in the background and says, “that’s my baby daddy, that’s mine.”

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star also re-shared the Baller Alert clip on her Instagram account, which read, “Spice baby daddy @khaotic305.” The full episode will air on Thursday.

Is Justin Budd Spice’s baby daddy?

In the meantime, Spice has kept fans busy guessing if she is pregnant. The curious fans have been chasing many theories. One of those is that Justin Budd is the father. Spice had publicly shared she was in a relationship with Budd, but rumors have surfaced that they broke up, and they each have also removed images and videos of their two-year relationship from their respective Instagram accounts.

Fans bombarded Budd’s Instagram comments section with pertinent questions. “I came here fast as soon as spice post her preg picture.I thought Rasta has done same,” one person wrote.

“Poor rasta…di people dem come ova yah fi baddah yuh bout spice baby,” another said.

“Congratulations on your baby Rasta we know yuh never eat the mango a Jamaica fi nth,” another added.


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