Sherri Shepherd explains why Sexyy Red isn’t welcome on her talk shows


Sherri Shepherd Opens Up About Sexuality, Discusses Standards on “The Breakfast Club”

In a recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” Sherri Shepherd, host of the talk show “Sherri,” shared her views on sexuality and explained why she wouldn’t welcome rapper Sexyy Red on her show. The conversation covered various topics, from Shepherd’s personal life and recovery from COVID-19 to her self-named talk series.

During the interview, Shepherd delved into the differences between men and women regarding their sex drives, highlighting that men seem always ready for intimacy, regardless of their circumstances. She emphasized that, for women, factors like commitment, ambition, and great conversation contribute to what she finds sexy.


Shepherd, 56, expressed her preference for meaningful connections over physicality, stating, “I love a man that’s creative because physically, I’m practical.” When asked about Sexyy Red’s hit single “Pound Town,” Shepherd expressed her disapproval, stating that the lyrics made her question the current trends in female empowerment. She said, “When did just getting money and showing your booty hole to dudes become sexy?”


The host revealed her concern about explicit content becoming the norm and emphasized her preference for leaving something to the imagination. Shepherd asserted that Sexyy Red wouldn’t be invited to her talk show as she believes in a more subtle and imaginative approach to sexuality.

While Sexyy Red has not responded to Shepherd’s comments, she recently addressed rumors about leaking her sex tape, asserting that the explicit footage was shared without her consent.

Shepherd’s candid discussion sheds light on evolving perspectives on sexuality and the ongoing conversation about the portrayal of women in the media. As societal norms continue to shift, Shepherd’s stance reflects a desire for more meaningful connections and a departure from explicit content as a measure of empowerment.




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