Shalon Jackson, Mo’Nique’s Estranged Son, Addresses Her ‘False Narrative’ (Video)

Shalon Jackson, Mo’Nique’s Estranged Son, Addresses Her ‘False Narrative’ (Video)

Mo’Nique’s estranged son, Shalon Jackson, is addressing the “false narrative” she presented regarding their relationship during her “Club Shay Shay” interview.

When asked about her relationship with her son, the comedian and Oscar-winning actress said:


We’re still very much separated.


And it’s one of those things where you have to pray to the universe and say, ‘Let time do the healing.’

And that’s it. That’s it. Let time do that healing.


It may heal it in time and it may not.


And that’s something that we as parents have to say, ‘Listen, I’ve done what I can do.


I’ve taken accountability for it.

Now, it’s up to you.


That’s like someone saying, Shannon, I want to apologize to you.


Now, it’s up to you whether or not to accept.


But, once I give it to you I’ve done my part.

Shalon Jackson is telling a different version of his relationship with his mother, Mo’Nique.

In a TikTok video, Shalon, who is also a stand-up comedian, said:


My mother and I both know that that is a very false narrative and I would like to free her of having to continue to telling that lie. Faith without work is dead and neither one of us cares to put forth any effort to reconcile with the other. 

We are separate – as she put it – because she doesn’t care to be my mother any more than I care to be her son. 


Neither one of us has had the desire to reach out to the other in a very long time and I don’t think either one of us anticipates that feeling ever returning. 


Speaking with my mother directly, in my experience, will either lead to some odd newfound moment of clarity in regard to how she was as my mother or she retreats back to Daddy to move forward with some kind of conversation and I’m tired of hearing my mother’s truths. 

Shalon Jackson went on to speak on his mother’s husband, Sidney Hicks, whom she refers to as “Daddy.”

When her daddy had intentionally stated that they have three sons, but his wife is on the internet talking about the fourth son, in a video that has millions of views, that rubbed me the wrong way. 

Shalon said Mo’Nique’s interest in being a mother probably started around the time “she married her Daddy and had his children.”

He added, “To this very day, my mother has never expressed to me when if ever she became interested in me as her son.”

Shalon Jackson said his relationship with his mother led him down a path of questioning his self-worth and struggling to understand the value of a mother in a child’s life.

He also addressed Mo’Nique saying she gave him an apology.

Shalon said an apology to a son from a mother who consciously showed no interest in him “holds no weight.”


Every time my mother would state that she was ‘right here’ whenever I was ready – that ideology still blows my mind today – that a person could admit to being uninterested and ‘I put my best foot forward’ type of parent and so self-centered that they express to the kid that you have to come to me for us to make this right. 


I’m not sure what my mother could possibly think that she has shown me in the past or have for me now – that not money – that would make me want to come to her or whatever those things are supposed to be.


A mother is supposed to be the first woman that a boy falls in love with. I loved my mother very much, but my mother loved things more than she loved me. 


And she would validate her ‘love’ for me by giving me things and would proceed to call me ‘ungrateful’ or ‘inconsiderate’ if said things did not have the desired effect. 


Shalon went on to say, “I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be her, though. To ask God for what you want and he gives you what you need, though. Only for you to ignore it and have the audacity to ask God for something else.”

Watch Shalon Jackson’s full statement about his mother, Mo’Nique below.

The pain and hurt that Shalon Jackson carries from his relationship with his mother, Mo’Nique, runs deep and it is so sad to see a young Black man emotionally wounded like this.

I know there is his version, her version, and the truth somewhere in the middle, but I pray God steps in to mend this relationship healthily.


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