R&B Singer Monica Arnold Planning On MARRYING Jailed Rapper C-Murder Who’s In Prison For LIFE!

R&B Singer Monica Arnold Planning On MARRYING Jailed Rapper C-Murder Who’s In Prison For LIFE!

R&B singer Monica Arnold is planning on getting married again!

The 41-year-old singer was married to athlete Shannon Brown for 10 years, marking 2019 to be their final year together. Now, the singer is ready to get hitched again, and the man she’s planning to marry is her longtime partner rapper C-Murder.

C-Murder, born Corey Miller was sentenced to life in prison back in 2009, which is why people are boggled to hear THIS news about Monica planning to marry the 51-year-old rapper.

So how is Monica going to marry her long-time partner?

C-Murder was sentenced to life in prison and is NOT expected to get out unless the case is overturned. Despite the situation, some close sources of the R&B singer are claiming that the two will get married.

“[C-Murder] and Monica are definitely together [in a relationship]. And [C-Murder] wants to marry Monica,” a close friend of the singer revealed.

The singer’s friends have revealed that Monica is very excited and knows that C-Murder will propose. And when he does, Monica is likely to say yes.

“When I heard that [C-Murder] wanted to marry Monica, I was a bit surprised,” the friend added. “But the way Monica is talking about [the proposal], I think she’s going to say yes.”

Though he is likely to spend his life in prison, there’s some hope for C-Muder.

In 2018, two major witnesses recanted their statements claiming that they were pressured into testifying against the rapper who to date maintains that he’s innocent. He was charged with the murder of 16-year-old fan Steven Thomas who was reportedly shot and killed by C-Murder.

Since gaining some attention, Kim Kardashian has stepped up to fight for the rapper and prove his innocence.

If that happens, then the two will indeed be married.

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