R&B Singer Mary J. Blige Claims She’s Never Met A Man Who Doesn’t Cheat In Relationship


Singer Mary J. Blige has turned her pain into hit records time and time again. The Queen of hip-hop soul is currently on the promo trail for her latest album Good Morning Gorgeous and dissecting some of the music on her new offering and how it draws from her real-life relationships. On one record, Mary opens up on her thoughts towards men and how she feels like most men cheat. According to Mary, she’s never seen a fully faithful man.

Mary J. Blige was hanging with WBLS’s Shalia and discussing her new album and the record “Enough” produced by music duo Cool & Dre. In the song, Blige laments on a lover who does not seem to respect her and decides to cheat whenever he’s away. She wonders aloud when is love ever enough to keep a man faithful in a relationship. “Now tell me, why is it so typical to let it go? Walk away for physical, forget the love. You can’t see what you got at home. You’re dead wrong not to fight for it,” she says on the hook.

For Mary J. Blige, these words connect to a real place. On the songs bridge, she discusses seven years of cheating, something she says she actually went through in her last relationship. Mary and her ex-husband Kendu Issacs split a few years back after she discovered he had been cheating on her with one of their artists. The divorce was ugly as Mary J. Blige had to pay spousal support and child support for Kendu’s adult children that she co-parented during their union. Blige has kept busy since but does not hide the bitterness she feels towards such a devastating time in her life.

While discussing “Enough,” Mary J. Blige confesses that she’s never met a faithful man. “Never seen a relationship when a man doesn’t cheat. Fall in love and run off with the woman,” she declares. She then says, “it happened to me,” before going on to say that usually, around the seven-year mark, people start to get unfaithful. While she backtracks a bit and tries to say “not all men,” it is clear she has seen her fair share of infidelity both in her own life and the relationships of those around her. Mary is good friends with some pretty high-profile men from Dr. Dre to Sean “Love” Combs and has probably seen a lot of this play out in their relationships as well.

When asked if her thoughts on all men cheating make it hard for her to date now, Mary says it definitely makes her cautious. Mary J. Blige feels that it’s not “her problem” but something that those men need to deal with, while it does make her leary as she sorts through suitors and potential relationships. Blige says she still struggles to find out if people like her for her or if they are looking for some type of gain. This could have a lot to do with her marriage to Kendu, who leveraged his wife’s platform to become a well-connected music industry executive. Check out Mary J. Blige full interview below. Do you think she’s right about all men?



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