Rapper Xzibit’s Ex-Wife Claims He Promised To Take Care Of Her ‘FOREVER’ … Wants ALL His Money!

Rapper Xzibit’s Ex-Wife Claims He Promised To Take Care Of Her ‘FOREVER’ … Wants ALL His Money!

Xzibit is being sued by his ex-wife, Krista Joiner, for allegedly breaking his promise to support her financially for the rest of her life, Media Take Out has confirmed.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Krista claims the former couple made an oral agreement that would ensure she had lifelong financial support so long as she stays home and takes care of the household.

The couple divorced in 2021 and has been engaged in a back-and-forth over compensation ever since.

Krista cites their verbal contract in the document which also states: “during the time the parties maintained their relationship, (Xzibit) would combine his skills, efforts, labor and earnings and would share equally with her and all property acquired and accumulated by him or by and through any entity in which he had an interest, or which increased in value or was entitled thereafter to acquire or accumulate.”

The legal documents continue, stating: “In the event the parties’ relationship ended, all of the property acquired, or entities or businesses established, or which property or entities/businesses increased in value, during their relationship as a result of (Xzibit’s) skills, efforts, labor, and earnings, regardless of how the title was formally held, would be divided equally between them.”

Krista asserts that the former Pimp My Ride host is hiding his assets and claims he is unable to provide the support initially agreed upon due to a lack of income, despite having a flourishing cannabis business. The Detroit rapper’s brother informed her that he makes $1 million every month and has stored over $20 million for him to retrieve on demand.



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