Nicki Minaj’s Sister Tells Her Fans Keep Her Out Megan Thee Stallion Beef

Nicki Minaj’s Sister Tells Her Fans Keep Her Out Megan Thee Stallion Beef

Nicki Minaj’s sister, Ming Maraj, says she doesn’t care for her sister’s beef and is busy promoting her music and career, hinting that her sister is not as close or supportive.

Anti-Nicki Minaj followers have been criticizing the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper for allegedly not assisting Ming Maraj, who is said to be her half-sister on her father’s side, and that the young woman is still living in the projects while her rich older sister is living in Calabasas, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California.

While on Instagram Live, Ming seemingly responded to messy followers who sought her position on Nicki Minaj’s beef with rapper Megan Thee Stallion. “Whatever beef that’s really going on I really don’t give a f**k for it. Like that got nothing to do with me,” Ming said.

She also said that the beef is not adding to her life. “I’m working on my life, I’m working on my mine, my grind,” she said. “But yeah. Right like dang. But I don’t really care about that, I don’t care about that sh*t bro, I really don’t give a f**k for it. I don’t give a f**k for it. It ain’t helping me with what I need to do with my life. It ain’t investing sh*t for my life, so it got nothing to do with me.”

Ming Maraj also revealed that she was now doing music as she asked fans to support her.

“I just wanted to come on here whatever y’all to like tell y’all that to support one of my songs that just came out. I’ll be having another song coming out soon.”

In the video, Ming expressed that she was in dire financial straits and needed a new phone and equipment to start a YouTube page. In the meantime, many people reacted to the young woman’s video, with some calling out Minaj for not supporting her and supporting artists like JTand Ice Spice while her sister needed help.

“She has a sister that does music and hasn’t featured her?” one person wrote on Instagram.

“This lady got a sister and can’t get her started with her YouTube channel. Lil sis gotta wait for a new phone for YouTube. If my sister was the “queen of rap” or whatever she called herself, I better had a Sony camera, production lights, a camera man, editors, and so on. I don’t know. That lady different,” another wrote.

“Imagine us making Ming a star by embracing her and supporting. I never knew she made music. Why isn’t Nicki supporting and posting her sissy music like she does JT and Ice?! That tells a lot but people walking around with blinders on,” another person added.

“Idc what nobody says Nicki Minaj is a good artist but she’s not a good person. It’s no way her sister should be asking us for support and we didn’t know she existed,” one fan said. “So Nicki has a sister who needs a new phone and lights, but she’s been worried about Meg for the last 600 hours?” another said.

Some fans also expressed shock that Minaj has a sister as she’s not posted her on her social media accounts in recent times. Nicki Minaj has a brother who is presently serving prison time after being convicted of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old in 2015.


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