NEW VIEW Whoopi Goldberg shocks fans with ‘weight loss’ as she looks ‘youthful & refreshed’ in transformed appearance on The View

NEW VIEW Whoopi Goldberg shocks fans with ‘weight loss’ as she looks ‘youthful & refreshed’ in transformed appearance on The View

Whoopi Goldberg appeared to have a body transformation, or so fans think

The actress, 69 year old, styled her dreadlocks into a high ponytail for the ABC program today, opened about her well-rested face.

With The View moderator’s hair up and, her face and body were more seeable.

Whoopi starred to be slimmer and showing off shocking weight loss.

Fans took to X to mention her body transformation, applausing her for taking care of herself.

“Whoopi looks good and healthy. She lost a lot of weight,” one fan wrote on the social media.

A 2nd fan wrote: “Whoopi looks refreshed!”

Another chimed in: “Whoopi looks refreshed from vacation.”

A 4th person cosigned: “Whoopi’s face looks great.”

In early 2023, fans suddenly noticed Whoopi’s swapped look too.

Whoopi’s co-host Sunny Hostin, 55, was the 1st to point out the changeup, prompting the actress to discuss her recent procedure.

“I had an surgery, and they replaced the lens,” she starts, pointing to her left eye.

“And the lens they replaced it with is kind of like my eyeglass lens.”

Sunny happily commented, “You can see!” to which the audience praised her.

Whoopi then referenced a early episode where she had problem reading the teleprompter without her glasses, forcing her to put them on.

Her co-hosts were very interested in the process and came in with questions for the host.

Fellow panelist Ana Navarro, 52, questioned Whoopi to make clear that her surgery differed from cataract surgery, to which the TV star permitted.

She further described that the lens was replaced using “teeny tiny cataracts,” enabling her to regain her eyesight.

The Ghost actress constant to boast about the process, holding up a pamphlet to encourage others to get it if necessary.

“If you’re having any trouble with your eyes, please go get them checked because, you know, the bionic times have came,” Whoopi joked while mentioning the audience.

She later brought up her choice of eyewear during her prior days in the entertainment industry, noting her round black frames.

“If you’re about 28 [years old], you know what I looked like before, when I was wearing sunglasses or cool glasses because they were cool,” the EGOT winner stated.

“If you’re under 28, you don’t know that there was a time that I didn’t have glasses, and currently this is what I looked like,” she laughed.

“It’s not so bad! It’s not so bad!”


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