Mo’Nique Says Kevin Hart Ghosted Her During A Deal To Get Her Talk Show Back

Mo’Nique Says Kevin Hart Ghosted Her During A Deal To Get Her Talk Show Back

Mo’Nique took a moment to air out her grievances with Kevin Hart during her “Club Shay Shay” interview.

The comedian and Oscar-winning actress recalled a time when Kevin ghosted her and left her high and dry with a major deal on the table.

Mo’Nique shared that she and Kevin Hart had a great relationship and when she was a guest on his podcast he gushed over her saying, “You’re like my mother, you’re like my aunt…you’re like my sister.”

During the podcast, they discussed the situation with Tyler Perry and Kevin offered to give him a call to see if he could play mediator.

After reaching out to Tyler, Kevin spoke to Mo’Nique and informed her the entertainment mogul “didn’t want to revisit” the situation.

At that time, Mo’Nique says Kevin Hart told her:

Let’s move past that, Mo.

Let’s just move past that and let’s just do great things together.

Don’t even worry about that.

Whatever y’all wanna do – I will partner with you.

I’ll executive produce with you.

You just let me know what you want to do. 

Before continuing her story, Mo’Nique took a moment to acknowledge the fact that Kevin Hart looked out for her family by writing them a check when their “backs were against the wall.”

Mo said when she got back on her feet. She repaid him with interest.

Kevin Hart Ghosted Mo’Nique On A Major Deal?

Circling back to partnering, Mo’Nique said she never asked Kevin Hart to do anything, he volunteered.

I said good s—, Kevin, because we are in a deal with Endemol and we’re trying to get our talk show back,” Mo’Nique told Shannon.

Mo’Nique said she called Endemol to inform them of Kevin Hart joining the partnership knowing that his name carries weight.

She said the company immediately expressed their excitement to have Kevin onboard.

Two weeks later, Mo’Nique says she received a call from Endemol informing her they got a call from Kevin Hart’s manager, Dave Becky, saying he wants nothing to do with Mo’Nique.

Mo’Nique said she immediately called Kevin and he played crazy.

I said, ‘Hey Baby, we just got off the phone with Endemol and they said Dave Becky called them up and said you don’t want anything to do with me.’

He said, ‘Mo, that’s a miscommunication- I can tell you right now.’

I said, ‘Wait a minute. You’re okay with this white man calling them up, getting in between our relationship?’

He said, ‘Mo, that’s a miscommunication and we gone talk Tuesday. Don’t worry about it. I’m telling you right now. It’s a miscommunication.’

That was two years ago,” Mo’Nique told Shannon.

She hasn’t heard from Kevin Hart since.

Be sure to check back at noon to watch the full interview.



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