Mom’s baby bump was so huge people thought she was carrying 8 babies


Being a mom has to be one of the best feelings there are. The thought of carrying another life inside you is divine all by itself.

Most moms-to-be love taking pictures of their bellies and keep them as beautiful memories they will cherish forever. Well, a mom of four named Renae W did the same. However, she didn’t only take photos and videos for herself, but she shared them on TikTok as well.



Previously, she documented her journey towards healthier and sober lifestyle, but once she fell pregnant again, she focused the content of what she posted on her pregnancy.

What attracted the attention of many was Renae’s huge belly.

Many assumed that she was carrying multiple babies, with some being convinced she had eight bundles of joy inside her tummy. She, however, assured her followers that she was carrying just one baby. ”Yes it’s just one. I’m sure,” she said in one of her videos.

Some things that can cause an overly huge belly are polyhydramnios, extra fluid, or gestational diabetes. Renae didn’t experience any of this. “I had an ultrasound not that long ago, fluid is normal, baby is measuring a week and four days ahead,” she said in a video.

Many people provided words of encouragement and support, wishing her healthy pregnancy. Sadly, there were also those who made fun of her belly. Among the latter was a doctor who said the mom-to-be should be worried. This made Renae angry so she was quick to speak her mind. ”As a doctor, you should be ashamed of yourself for this video, especially when I’m not your patient,” she wrote.

Some of the comments under Renae’s videos were, “I swear you have like 4 twins in there,” “There’s a full grown adult in there,” and “He’s gonna come out 30 years old with a credit score of 800.”

During her documented pregnancy, Renae gained 35 pounds and one of her videos reached 37 million views.

Many moms stepped up for Renae.

“Every women carries differently. Every pregnancy is different, and every pregnancy is unique!” one woman wrote. “I can’t believe he would even say that to you knowing absolutely nothing about your pregnancy,” another added.

Finally, Renae’s bundle of joy was welcomed into the world on February 18. The sweet baby boy weighed 9lb 8oz and was 22 & 1/2 inches tall.

When your son comes out hand first looking like Superman flying,” she wrote in February. “Yeah I said son, just one big healthy baby boy.

Following the birth of her son, many were curious to learn how Renae’s belly looked like.

“Five days after my c-section. The only weight I lost was my 9lb 8oz baby and another 5 and a half pounds,” she said.

“I don’t get why people don’t understand that everyone carries different. I’m short and carry all out front. I’ve been told you ruined your body, and ‘your stretch marks are gonna be so bad afterwards’. The truth is I don’t care because my body blessed me with five amazing kids and an angel baby. I love my body and the amazing things it has done.”

The proud mom posted plenty of photos and videos of her beautiful son.

Renae continues to update her followers of her son and it looks like things are going great for the family.

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