King Harris Get Into A Physical Altercation With His Father, T.I., And Suggests That He’s A “Mistake”: “N*gga Be Faking A Image For Da Internet” [Video]


King Harris has found himself back in the headlines!

On Sunday afternoon, the son of rapper T.I. and singer Tiny attended the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints football game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium alongside his parents. Everything seemed to be going fine as King took to his Instagram Story to document the event.

However, moments later, King went live on Instagram fully enraged at his parents. King can be heard on video repeatedly telling his father, “You cappin. I know you though.”
Meanwhile, Tiny is heard telling King to “shut up,” which he completely ignores. She then questions King about his behavior, as he responds, “what’s wrong with y’all? Why y’all doing that to me? Y’all know me, y’all know I stand on business.”

While the details surrounding the incident is unclear at this time, it seems as though someone made a joke about King which didn’t find too amusing. The situation escalated even further to T.I. snatching his son up after King pushed his mother off of him. At that point, the video goes blurry but King is heard repeating, “Get off me n*gga” and T.I. says, “Boy you can’t do nothing with me. It ain’t sh*t you can do with me.”
Shortly after, King took to his Instagram story to get out his final words to his parents and even double down on his previous statement.
“I stand on business don’t give a f*ck who u are,” he wrote. “IDGAF who u are mf can’t play wit me n my face not goin for da im a grown a** man now.”

Additionally, King added more slides and suggested that he was a “mistake” and his parents are faking an image.

“If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u dont,” King added. “N*gga be faking a image for da internet & it aint me.”



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