KenBarbie Responds To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Big Foot’ Diss

KenBarbie Responds To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Big Foot’ Diss

Blogger and media personality KenBarbie took to the streets of Twitter to respond after Nicki Minaj fired a shot at him in her Megan Thee Stallion diss, “Big Foot.”

In the outro of the song, Nicki tells Megan:

Shortly after “Big Foot” was released, KenBarbie took to social media to react to the shot.

He began with this tweet:

Then, KenBarbie let the chopper fly:

The fact that I be on this lady mind is funny, but I love this I get paid for this…

Nicki how are you going to buy anyone’s catalog when you got liens on your publishing and your tour deal?

You blew your advance from your last tour and now this tour is collateral, so you’re literally bout to tour for free cause you owe Uncle Sam money.. 

You wanna holler that people judge your disgusting ass husband because they’re not used to being “loved” but you know who is used to be loved exactly like you? Wendy Williams.

He loved her pockets to the end, letting her do all types of drugs so he could keep digging in that purse while you sit up there looking like an ass..

That man is keeping you all drugged up and mixing your coke wit horse tranquilizers and Ozempic so he can make you more stupid while taking your money and letting you look crazy.


You have no room to judge anybody on anything.

You have no friends (hence why they got you out here looking like a complete maniac while they “yesss queen!” you to death just to keep their brownie points and your nasty ego under control).

Your brothers are pedophiles, your real dad is drug addict like you, and your lil sister is living in the projects.

You might be “Nicki Minaj” on the surface but deep down inside you’re that hurt lil girl that your mom abandoned in Trinidad till you was five and that’s why you hate her.

You want to talk about apologizing to mothers like you didn’t hit your own mom and as it came out your own mouth you still haven’t forgiven her…

Muah no family, no friends 😘 just coke.

KenBarbie also included documents of Nicki Minaj’s alleged liens.

See the original tweet below.

In another tweet, KenBarbie made the following statement about Cardi B:

It took 6 years of Cardi’s friends/family numbers being doxxed, her children being bullied and threatened on social media, constant Twitter subs and harassment…

But when she would speak out or respond everyone would gaslight her, calling her crazy, and acting like she’s the problem.

6 years later everyone’s opening their eyes. Welp… at least we’re here.

See the original tweet below.

Whether you love or hate “Big Foot,” Nicki Minaj got the people going!


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