Katt Williams REVEALS Steve & Marjorie Harvey PIMPED OUT Lori To Diddy?!


In a recent interview with comedian Cat Williams, startling allegations have emerged surrounding the relationship between media mogul

Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori Harvey, and rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Cat Williams claims that Steve Harvey may have played a role in facilitating the controversial relationship,

hinting at a disturbing narrative.

The controversy dates back to Lori Harvey’s brief but highly publicized fling with Diddy in 2019, following the passing of Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Porter. While the two seemed to be finding solace in each other during a challenging time, Cat Williams suggests there may be more to the story than meets the eye.

Williams contends that Steve Harvey, a respected figure in the entertainment industry known for his role as a relationship guru, might have allowed Lori to date Diddy for reasons other than genuine affection. Speculations range from settling a debt to gaining status and material wealth. Williams further alleges that Steve Harvey might have played a role in orchestrating a contractual agreement between Lori and Diddy.

The comedian, known for his candid commentary on the dark side of Hollywood, claims to have turned down a $50 million contract four times in his career to protect his integrity. Williams suggests that Diddy, known for his lavish lifestyle and high-profile connections, may have sought more than a romantic relationship with Lori.

The rumors surrounding Lori and Diddy’s relationship have been fueled by a series of events, including Lori’s unfollowing of Diddy on Instagram, engagement rumors, and even pregnancy speculations. However, the most damning claims come from sources suggesting a contractual arrangement and potential exploitation.

Cat Williams has a history of challenging the narrative in the entertainment industry, from calling out Steve Harvey for alleged mistreatment of fellow comedians to exposing the industry’s dress controversy. His recent bombshell statements regarding Steve Harvey and Lori’s relationship with Diddy have reignited discussions about the darker side of fame and power in Hollywood.

As the public awaits responses from the involved parties, these allegations shed light on the complexity and potential exploitation within the glamorous world of celebrity relationships. The truth behind these claims remains to be seen, but Cat Williams’ track record of speaking out against injustices in the industry adds a layer of credibility to the shocking accusations.



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