Jamie Foxx Returns To Work; He’s Set To Produce Luther Vandross Documentary


Jamie Foxx is teaming up with his production company, Foxxhole Productions, and Colin Firth’s Raindog Films to produce a documentary on the life of the late R&B legend Luther Vandross. Dawn Porter will direct the project, and Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content Division and Sony Music Publishing will also be involved. The news of the documentary comes as a delightful surprise to fans and music enthusiasts who have long admired Vandross’ extraordinary talent and contributions to the industry.


Foxx expressed his deep respect for Vandross, referring to him as one of the greatest singers in music history. Foxx’s involvement in the project is a testament to his admiration for Vandross’ artistry and his desire to bring his incredible story to a wider audience.

Director Dawn Porter shared her excitement about shedding light on Vandross’s accomplishments and his artistry’s true extent. She believes that people will be pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of Vandross’s work, showcasing his immense talent and impact in a tragically short life.

Vandross, an eight-time Grammy Award winner, left an indelible mark on the R&B genre with hits like “Never Too Much” and “Dance With My Father.” His music continues to resonate with audiences, and his influence is seen in the works of artists, such as Kanye West, who sampled Vandross’ iconic ballad “A House Is Not A Home” in his hit song “Slow Jamz.”

With Foxx’s involvement and the collaboration of talented individuals, this documentary promises to be a fitting tribute to Luther Vandross and his remarkable musical legacy.


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