Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Will Smith’s Gay Affairs During Their Marriage…


Jada Pinkett Smith is many things. But the one thing that many likely didn’t know about until a couple years ago was that she had her own talk show called Red Table Talk. And this wasn’t your typical talk show where people come in, promote things, and then leave. No, this was a series that dealt with real people talking real issues and real emotions being shown.

It’s very powerful if you give it a chance…which might be hard because it just got canceled. We’ll break it down for you, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

Honey, when I told y’all that this whole Cardi B and Offset situation may have been a publicity stunt, a lot of people said there’s no way it’s PR. Girl, you are wrong. Now, tell me why close sources are reporting that Cardi may have taken Offset back after dumping his cheating behind, even after it has seemingly been confirmed that Offset did, in fact, hook up with Jade. And why are the streets saying that Offset may have gotten another woman pregnant? You know what? Let’s just get right into breaking down this tea.

Things got messy with Offset and Cardi after photos started making rounds of Offset and Jade in the same location. Apparently, those photos with Jade are what made Cardi go on that rant on her Instagram live, where she said all sorts of nasty things about Offset. According to close sources, the real reason she went off like that was because she saw those pictures of Jade and Offset in the same location.

Cardi’s rant included accusations that Offset has been feeling himself since dropping his album, is ungrateful, and has never thanked her for anything she’s done for him. She took it to the internet because he never takes her seriously in person. However, Cardi carefully avoided mentioning Jade anywhere in her rant. Close sources suggest that Cardi knew about Jade and Offset being together, which prompted her explosive reaction.


Jade, who had a tumultuous history with Cardi in 2022, denied being at Offset’s party and dismissed the rumors. Still, online detectives found evidence, including videos from inside the party, suggesting that Jade was indeed there. Offset denied partying with Jade, claiming he had a private event and attended a public party at a different location.

Offset provided security footage to prove his point, but skeptics argued that nobody walks into a place with their “sneaky link.” Jade’s social media stories from a hotel room, where followers noticed Offset’s clothes, added fuel to the speculation.

The video also explores whether Cardi and Offset’s separation is a PR stunt, with speculations that they are struggling to sell records. Some believe their breakup might be a publicity move to draw attention to their respective New Year’s concerts at the Fountain Blue Hotel in Miami. Cardi’s and Offset’s events are planned for different parts of the hotel.

Reports suggest that Offset is doing everything to remain with Cardi, as she owns a significant portion of their combined wealth. Cardi has allegedly threatened to take everything, including their two houses. There are even rumors that Offset may have gotten another woman pregnant, a recurring speculation from 2020.

Cardi’s previous support for Offset amid cheating rumors adds complexity to the situation. Followers are eager to see how this drama unfolds and share their thoughts on Cardi possibly taking Offset back. The video ends by asking viewers for their opinions on why Cardi went on the Instagram rant, whether Jade and Offset have been together all along, and their thoughts on Cardi potentially reconciling with Offset.


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