Grandma, 61, And Husband, 24, Are Expecting First Child Together


In 2021, Cheryl and Quran McCain defied age conventions when they tied the knot in the United States, sealing their love after a year of courtship. Their striking 37-year age gap was a topic of interest that captured attention. The picturesque wedding took place by the serene shores of a lake in Tennessee, and its grandeur reached over twenty thousand viewers through a live stream.

This unique union saw a 24-year-old Quran taking the extraordinary step of proposing to his 61-year-old beloved, Cheryl. The proposal was backed by his online audience, who collectively financed the ring—a testament to the modern ways in which connections are made. Undoubtedly serious about their bond, the couple is now embarking on a new journey as parenthood beckons.

In a twist of fate, Cheryl and Quran are expecting a baby, a joyful addition that expands Cheryl’s role from grandmother to mother. Embracing the challenge of a late-in-life pregnancy, Cheryl mentioned the possibility of surrogacy or adoption due to her advanced age. Her seven biological children, aged between 29 and 41, have pledged their support in raising the upcoming child.



Amidst their unconventional love story, Cheryl’s close friends are her pillars of strength. Meanwhile, her grandchildren affectionately refer to Quran as “Pawpaw,” marking a heartwarming bond between the generations. Despite society’s doubting voices, Cheryl remains resolute, expressing indifference to concerns about her ability to care for her child as she looks to the future.

While online interactions might be less empathetic, the couple’s commitment remains unshaken, even in the face of trolls speculating about their separation. Quran’s steadfast response affirms their united front and determination to prove naysayers wrong. Interestingly, their journey started back in 2012 when Quran, now a custodian, crossed paths with Cheryl through her son’s connection.



As they prepare to celebrate their love once again this year, Cheryl and Quran are planning a second wedding surrounded by friends and family. Their narrative challenges conventions, reminding us that love knows no boundaries, age included. Their story is a testament to the power of love, connection, and the ability to overcome societal norms in pursuit of genuine happiness.


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