Dwight Howard Comes Out Of Closet & Exposes Hollywood Men He SLEPT With?! (Will Smith, Diddy…?)


The Dwight Howard coming out saga is getting more insane by the day and just after Dwight publicly addressed allegations of forcing a young man into a threesome, rumors appeared that Dwight has been attending alleged all-men parties with the likes of Diddy and Will Smith!

So in case you missed out on this drama, back in July 2021 NBA star Dwight Howard was accused by a man of SA-ing him at Dwight’s home and forcing him into a threesome with another man dressed as a woman…

Now, Dwight has finally addressed these allegations and though he didn’t deny having an encounter with the two men, he claimed everything was consensual.

However, the court documents filed by the alleged victim claim otherwise and Dwight is now facing a civil lawsuit in Georgia.

Meanwhile, more wild rumors about Dwight appeared on social media with some sources claiming that Dwight is part of a secret Hollywood club where high-profile industry men take advantage of much younger guys…

As you probably know, Diddy and Will Smith were previously accused of something similar and fans are now speculating that this rabbit hole is much deeper than it appears…

But what exactly did Dwight reveal about his encounters with men? Did these encounters really involve other high-profile celebrities?







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