DJ Akademiks Cried In His Response To Saucy Santana, Yung Miami Reacts


DJ Akademiks seems to have conceded his war with Saucy Santana and Yung Miami as he broke down in tears on Wednesday after the latter told him that he was going to perform sexual acts on him.

Saucy is gay, and it seems that he only got mixed up in the mess with Akademiks after the podcaster attacked his best friend, City Girls rapper Yung Miami. Amid the back and forth, Akademiks sought to shame Saucy over his sexuality while proclaiming his preference for a heterosexual lifestyle on Wednesday.

However, the back and forth got nasty as he later broke down in tears while streaming and was visibly shaken following threats by Santana.

“Everything we’ve ever talked about, everything I’ve cared about, I don’t care what rapper got on me bro, ever. But there’s really some s*t I really don’t f**k with in my life and I would never do,” the rapper said, sniffling.

He continued, “I don’t f**k with certain sh*t and I would never do. I’m in America and I just gotta sit here and act like.. I don’t f**k with certain sh*t. I would never like it… Just please, I’m telling you, I hate certain sh*t to the soul of me. I’m only pretending for y’all. This is why I say I would never be here for y’all but that’s not my content. But I’m not that person.”

Akademiks previously told Santana to pull up so he could beat him up at his headquarters. However, Santana responded to the podcaster telling him to come to his headquarters, saying it is “giving 911 what’s your emergency,” noting that he was about the streets and wanted Akademiks to meet him there.

“Headquarters? N***as is in the streets!” Santana said, adding, “After I beat you ima f**k you in the a**.”

“You do the fake internet sh*t and you sit in a room full of cameras and make a b**ch crash out,” Santana said. “I want to meet you outside…”

In the meantime, the City Girls rapper also reacted to Akademiks’ latest reaction, noting that the rapper has been targeting her for a long time.

“I was in tears when he laughed and was trolling about my car getting shot up while I was 6 months pregnant,” she wrote in the comments section.

Yung Miami is not the only one DJ Akademiks has targeted with his sexist diatribe. Earlier this week he referred to Glorilla as a “wh*re” while commenting on her and Kai Cenat’s friendly beef.



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