Congratulations! MC Lyte’s A Married Woman Now…See Her Beautiful Wedding Photos

Congratulations! MC Lyte’s A Married Woman Now…See Her Beautiful Wedding Photos

A big congratulations is in order for Lana “MC Lyte” Moorer and her new husband, whom she met online.

The 46 year old MC- who still gets the parties jumpin’ as soon as her lyrics, “You can cha-cha-cha ’til it’s Mardi Gras” come on- jumped the broom with businessman and Marine Corp Veteran, John Wyche, this past weekend in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

As we previously reported, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Toni Braxton- two of Lyte’s close friends- attended her bridal shower a few days ago and now, her wedding was just as star studded. The talented Kelly Price serenaded the newlyweds, while So So Def founder, Jermaine Dupri DJ’d the event and kept the crowd hype at the reception.

In photos shared by Essence, Lyte and John were cheesin’ it up from ear to ear, as she stood in her wedding gown and John in his fly tux,’ outside at their Jamaican wedding site.

“It was so beautiful and a fairytale,” says Lyte. “I got my king.” […] “It’s incredible so many people came out to support our union. We are starting out with a strong foundation,” Wyche says. “A few months into getting to know Lana I knew I wanted this woman as my wife.” And his wife realized it as well. “One day when we’re talking and I looked into his eyes. It was so much honesty and truth in his eyes,” Lyte says. “My biggest thing with dating was to be vulnerable. And with him, I could totally let go and be myself.”

I’ve gotta be honest with y’all and admit that I’m still getting adjusted to Lyte being married. Hell, I’m still trying to let it sink in that she was actually engaged or in a relationship at all for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, Lyte is a incredibly attractive and intelligent woman. It’s just that after decades of never seeing her in a public relationship with anyone, then all of a sudden seeing her ‘lost in love’ like New Edition, takes a little getting used to for a longtime Lyte fan, like myself.

Nonetheless, after years of searching for her “Roughneck,” I’m very happy for MC Lyte and the fact that she’s found the perfect man for her in John Wyche.


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