Boy caught doing something to his sister that leaves her in tears and his family heartbroken

Boy caught doing something to his sister that leaves her in tears and his family heartbroken

Standing barely 4 and a half feet tall and weighing about 75 pounds, La’Darious was braver than most adults.

And this morning in October of 2016, he did something that most of us probably wouldn’t be fearless enough to do.

La’Darious, his sister Sha’Vonta and a group of children was standing in an area with no sidewalks, waiting for the bus that would take them to school.

While waiting, an out-of-control driver careened off the road and headed straight for La’Darious’s sister.

The noisy group of average elementary kids wasn’t paying attention and Sha’Vonta found herself in immediate danger.

He knew to look out for her,” said Elizabeth McCrorey, the mother of both children.

In that split second he pushed his younger sister out of the way so he was in the path of the car.

Tragically La’Darious was crushed by the car.

The heroic 11-year-old pushed his sister out of harm’s way and to safety and took her place, in the path of danger.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the car mowed the heroic brother down with such force that his little body caused “severe damage” to the driver’s 2003 Nissan.

What happened next was also horrific; instead of stopping for La’Darious, who was on the ground fighting for his life, the driver sped off and left the scene.

La’Darious was left in pieces, fighting for his life on that street corner. Other children who witnessed the crash rushed to adults who called 911 for help.

The brave boy was rushed by helicopter to a Charlotte hospital, but sadly he didn’t make it.

La’Darious’ cousin Kimberly Robinson praised the amazing young boy by saying:

“He was the apple of his momma’s eye. He was well-behaved, he got good grades and he played football. He liked the Baltimore Ravens. The school was supposed to take him to the Bank of America Stadium this week to meet the [Carolina] Panthers and, even though it wasn’t his team, he was so excited because he loved football.”

Mom Elizabeth McCrorey always taught her son to watch out for his sister and be a good boy.

And La’Darious’ final act on earth is is a great proof of this.

He knew to look out for his sister, which he proved by pushing her away from danger at the expense of his own life.

“I’m glad he saved my life,” Sha’Vonta said of La’Darious’. “He was a good big brother”.

His mother, Elizabaeth McCrorey, heroically chose to donate her organs so that other children might live.

”I thought about it and I thought about it, and if my son can save one child’s life, like he saved his sister, then he died for a purpose.’”

Two days after the tragedy happened 57-year-old Michelle Johnson handed herself into police and was charged with felony hit and run resulting in death.

Johnson claimed she thought she hit a deer. After the crash, she went on to drop off her grandchildren at school, testimony showed.

But Elizabeth McCrorey refuses to hate the woman who killed her son.

“I don’t hate her. I just wish she had stopped,” she said after looking at Johnson’s booking mugshot.

In July 2017, Michelle Johnson, the driver who hit La’Darious, received probation, 21 months after pleading guilty to felony hit and run resulting in death.

She faced a five-year prison sentence that was suspended. Her name will hopefully soon be forgotten – but let’s keep La’Darious Wylie’s legacy alive.

This boy touched lives throughout the country and his heroism is still inspiring people.


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