Blueface’s Mom Shades Sexyy Red About Her Looks, Sexyy Responds


Blueface’s mom is not afraid to speak her mind. While on Instagram Live, the matriarch threw some shade at Sexyy Red about her looks. Sexxy found out about her remarks and responded.

Blueface’s Mom Says Sexyy Red Is “Barely Cute”
On Saturday (Nov. 25), a video popped up online featuring Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold Harvey, on Instagram Live answering questions from fans. When asked which celebrities she found cute or pretty, she was stumped. When someone mentioned Sexyy Red, Karlissa called the St. Louis rhymer “Stanky Red” and shaded her about her looks.


“Sexyy Red look like my grandma Bessie she barely cute, she barely cute,” said Karlissa in the video below. “Stanky Red ain’t either. Stanky Red look like my grandma Bessie, she barely making it, okay? Stanky Red is like, barely.”
Sexyy Red caught wind of Karlissa’s comments and responded in the comment section of a blog post on the gossip page, The Neighborhood Talk.
“Didn’t Chrisean knot chu df up,” Sexyy clapped back in the comments, which you can read below.

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Blueface Not Happy With His Mom Talking About Her Past Sex Life
Karlissa’s candidness also rubbed Blueface the wrong way. Last week, the Los Angeles rapper went on a rant on X, formerly known as Twitter, voicing his disgust of his mom detailing her past sexual activities and turning down sexual advances from celebrities like Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Shaquille O’Neal.

During her tell-all interview on The Jason Lee Show, Karlissa went into great detail about having three different baby daddies and how Blue’s dad wasn’t involved much in raising him when he was a child. She also talked about her flirtatious run-ins with different celebrities including Shaq. During his rant, Blueface said that her mother should have kept all that information private.
“You should have spoke more on your acting career an maybe acknowledged the celebrities [and] people that got you these roles so they would recognize you an we all would respect you but no you wan get on here an explain a cock fest,” he wrote. “My dad was great btw all that s**t was cap he the one had me playing football fr.”
“She talm bout Shaquille O’Neal was coming over but I wouldn’t go to sleep like wtf is going on [tears of joy emoji],” he added.
“You should have told me it was shaq I would have played sleep for cuz,” he concluded.



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