Beenie Man’s Ex-Girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson Gets Engaged


Motivational speaker and businesswoman Krystal Tomlinson is now a fiancée as she revealed the heartwarming moment her mystery partner surprised her with an engagement ring.

Krystal has been single for nearly three years after her breakup with the father of her daughter, Beenie Man. The dancehall legend has moved on and is now dating Camille Lee, whom he proposed to during the Christmas holidays.

However, even Krystal Tomlinson is having her happy ending despite keeping her romantic life a secret over the past couple of years. Many were surprised to learn she was in a relationship since she had not said or revealed anything on social media. A video of her proposal has since gone viral, with her revealing that her partner had flipped what was supposed to be a birthday surprise for him to the engagement.

According to her, she thought she was planning a beach birthday party for him with all of his friends and family, but as it turned out, they had been planning for her instead.

“I woke up thinking the surprise of the day was the PS5 I had been hiding in the house for weeks for his birthday. He works 6 days a week and deserves some downtime. He woke up knowing he was playing NO GAMES! I woke up thinking that his friends were such good sports helping me to put together his birthday beach lyme. He woke up knowing that they had kept me in the dark the entire time!” she wrote on Instagram.

She continued, “To the man whose love feels like Lightning – a so yuh did stay!!??? You continue to love me in the details, intentionally and with a delicate fierceness that feels like lightning in my soul. I say YES to a lifetime of treating each other like sacred gifts and answered prayers. I say YES to the man I trust, love and feel honoured to be led by. The man who honours me by honouring his word and everything that is under his care. I say YES to a lifetime of watching sunsets and talking under the stars, knowing you’re still listening even after I’ve stopped speaking. I say YES to many more days of being rendered speechless, weak in the knees and forgetting which hand is my left hand but always knowing that in your hands I am safe. YES, YES, YES!” she captioned the lengthy post.

The video also shows Krystal in a white romper being led by her prince charming to a spot where another man lights what is shaped to be a heart burning on the ground. Although the time was dark when the video was made, Krystal lets out a nervous laugh and bends down to kiss her partner who is barely visible.

On social media, her fans went wild as they congratulated her. “Amazzzzing! Love this! Congratulations and blessings to you both! this made me smile from ear to ear,” Tami Chin wrote.

“I know that #ExcitedNervous laugh. CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND. May ‘the best’ never be withheld from you, because that is what you deserve ALWAYS. LOVE you,” one person said.

“I love this for you. Congrats, Mama,” another person wrote.

“With you Krystal love with honor you are deserving of everything positive e coming your way. #lovewins,” another said.

Beenie Man has not reacted to Krystal Tomlinson’s engagement.



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