Are Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry Really Fighting? — Tyler Perry Breaks His Silence

Are Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry Really Fighting? — Tyler Perry Breaks His Silence

Rumors aired that there’s bad blood between media mogul Oprah Winfrey and filmmaker/ TV director Tyler Perry. An article from the The Daily Mail has reported that Oprah is about to frustrated by Perry’s lack of ability to take criticism.

The publication asserts that she is ready to end their business relationship, in spite of the fact that his shows bring big ratings to her network.

As per to an unnamed source, “When Tyler 1stbrought his shows to OWN in 2012, it was a love relation between the 2 of them.

Oprah was very involved in watching Tyler develop them creatively, and they even shot promos together with her as Miss Sophia from The Color Purple and he as Madea.

However that connection has soured in the last 6 months because Oprah finds Tyler difficult to work with and he doesn’t take constructive criticism well at all.”

This source also asserts that stuffs took a term for the worse when Oprah did some focus group research, and suggested that Tyler hire new writers for his shows, particularly The Have and Have Nots.

“That’s when Oprah finally got to see a side of Tyler she hadn’t experienced yet,” the source says. “He resisted her feedback, the exact way he resists the feedback of critics and media people who chastise his work, and became extremely defensive with her.

He said to her, ‘Aren’t the shows delivering ratings for the network? Well, then let me do what I do and you can keep your focus group research to yourself.’”

But Tyler Perry refused the feud

“It’s totally false. Nothing is accurate in the article except for my and Oprah’s names,” Tyler says. And, on his Twitter account, he has also shared a group image of him with Winfrey and their cast and crew in his studio with a caption saying:

“This image was taken last week as Oprah came down to celebrate with me and the cast and crew!”

He then retweeted a shared by Gayle King who also said the rumors are not true.

King said, through her tweet, “Just reading @Oprah & @TylerPerry are angry w/each other & not speaking. If that’s true (it “ain’t”) must have just happened 10 minutes ago.”


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